What is Fabric Die Cutting?

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Fabric Die Cutting is a fast and accurate way to cut block components. Dies are sharp metal blades, similar to a cookie cutter, mounted onto a board and protected by a foam surround. To aid in fabric placement, the dies have one color foam for the cut components and another color for excess fabric with the metal blade in between. Up to 6 layers of fabric are placed on the die with a protective cutting board on top of the fabric, they are run through a die cutting machine and the shape is cut out.

Benefits of Fabric Die Cutting

Tools and Supplies – Fabric Die Cutting

What I Wish I Knew When I Started – Fabric Die Cutting

A FABRIC DIE CUTTING machine is a worth while investment when cutting shapes that are not normally, or easily cut with a rotary cutter.

These machines are major time savers when cutting lots of strips (like jelly rolls) and basic shapes like lots of squares.

These machines allow people who have physically limitations to cut their fabrics with less strain.

The foam can be marked to indicate where to place the fabric.

When running the die through the Fabric Die Cutting machine be sure to stagger the fabric or die so it goes in at a slight angle making it easier to go through the machine.

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