Seaming & Sealing

Sonic BondingRF (Ultrasonic) Seaming, Sealing Processing of Synthetic Fabrics and Non-Woven Materials

Fairway has the equipment and capability to Sonic Seal or Weld synthetic fabrics and non-woven materials into bags, curtains, pouches or other projects that may need a non-sewn seam for air flow control, to keep out moisture or deliver a non-fray/anti-ravel edge.

We utilize hand held sealers, with multiple tooling heads, seaming equipment and various RF sealing or RF seaming “wheels” that can produce the look of sewing, bar sealing, or other patterns as needed. We also rely on seaming/fusing equipment which is able to join large panels and splice roll goods for continuous runs of fabric from our slitter or re-roll processing.

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