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Dymetrol® is available from Fairway products as seat and back suspensions for applications in furniture, automotive, heavy truck, marine, motorsports, aerospace, lift trucks, farm and lawn equipment.

Let us comfort you! Save weight, reduce foam or padding, gain space, dampen vibration and absorb shock, recycle the polyester and be creative with lower profile seating … see what Avio has done with it in the photo.

Aviointeriors’ Pegasus unit features a flip-up seat pan designed to both allow the passenger more options for in-seat exercise during the flight, as well as to speed up the boarding/deboarding procedure. it also weighs just 12 kg per place – this has been achieved by replacing the metallic seat bottom pan with a Dymetrol (a suspension material), which is also used in the seat back. The Dymetrol component helps to improve passenger comfort as it is adaptable to the profile of the passenger, and also acts to dampen vibrations. Living space is also increased, as the Dymetrol element replaced bulkier cushions.

SunExpress, a leisure airline founded in 1989, uses Aviointeriors’ and is a first announced customer for Pegasus.

Since 1974 Aviointeriors has supplied airline companies with customized aircraft cabin interior products. Focused mainly on passenger seat design, engineering and manufacturing, Aviointeriors also designs, engineers and produces aircraft cabin furniture, sidewalls, galleys, and lavatories. Aviointeriors has a Rail-interiors subsidiary, that also supplies complete interiors for rolling stock in “high tech” composite materials, thus providing customers greater options in design choices.


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