Juicing Filter Bag

The Project Juicing Filter Bag Challenges Seal the filter bag without needle holes and threads. Solution RF Sealing process which provided the necessary sealing with an attrac Read More

Aromatherapy Mitts

The Project Sew and fill a hand mitt with a specially formulated rice and natural herbs Challenges To sew and fill the hand mitt with a specific recipe of herbs and rice. W Read More

Flexible Retainer Strip

The Project Flexible retainer Challenges Cutting flex webbing material to desired lengths that match ridged plastic retainer lengths.  Sew through ridged plastic materia Read More

Custom Pillowcase Covers

The Project Custom pillow case covers Challenges Use customer supplied fabrics and create patterns for sewing the covers to incorporate a hidden zipper for a clean finished look Read More

Cinch Bags

The Project Cinch bag; tote bag Challenges Design a bag that closely matches the existing bag using the sample bag as a reference. Determine the source bag fabric and cinch Read More

Military Seat Covers

The Project Military Seat Covers Challenges Determine cut patterns and sew patterns from an existing product sample. Source fabric, hook and loop and thread that meets color req Read More

Aromatherapy Bootie

The Project Bootie made of fleece and nylon materials with herbal filling for aromatherapy Challenges Fill pocket with proper mix of ingredients Solution Provided a mixing sta Read More


The Project Create a windsock from an existing sample Challenges Reverse engineer existing windsock based on a sample provided by the customer using the customer's own fabric. Read More

Truck Seat Cover

The Project Truck Seat Cover Challenges To take the existing customer supplied sample cover and reverse engineer development patterns for sewing cover together. We also had to s Read More

Pedestal Pads

The Project Design a cushion for the top of filing cabinets or other pedestal furniture Challenges Design pedestal pad or cushions for the top of file cabinets or other pedestal Read More