Nicely Offers Nonwoven Slitters, Winders

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Nicely’s nonwoven slitters and winders have been installed for many top global nonwoven fabric manufacturers. The company’s core competencies encompass machine reliability, prompt technical support and flexible machine design.

In the field of surface winding technology for nonwoven fabrics, in particular for a large scale of 6000mm web width, Nicely’s models EG-SR winder and EG-2001G slitter offer superior performance. Furthermore, Nicely is renowned for “not just a slitter expert but proficient in diverse slitting applications.” Nicely provides clients with center winding slitter rewinders that are applicable on a variety of sensitive substrates with low tensile strength.

In the hygienic fields, Nicely’s duplex center winding slitters, EG-7003 series, are commonly used for converting cast polyethylene (CPE) or blown film as backsheet film in baby care, adult incontinence and feminine care products. The machine is equipped with AC servo motors, precise taper tension controls, and proprietary differential shafts. These unique features enable excellent tension control over tension-sensitive materials with varying roll diameters at high-speed production.

In the scenario of narrow slit down to 2mm width but having longer lengths like TPU coated adhesive tape for bonding in the textile industry, the Nicely EG-9000 series spooling / traverse winder provides a great solution for higher productivity. The spooling winders are driven independently which create flexibility in tension control, broad winding patterns (step, stagger, overlap winding…etc.) as well as the choice of spool quantities.

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