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What You Need to Know About Die Cutting

textile die cutting

die cutting processFor many people outside of industry and crafts, the fabric die cutting process is a mystery. However, many industries use these services to enhance their products for safety and comfort. The die cutting process has long been beneficial to tons of different industries, all for different reasons, so it’s a good idea to at least have a basic understanding of how it works. Check out just a few basics to get you started!

What is die cutting?
Die cutting is a process in which steel blades are bent to a certain design in order to cut fabric into that design pattern. The blades are bendable, in every form, and can help factories be more efficient in their output. Rather than cutting each individual design, these machines and designs can cut through several at one time. So for example: about eight million people fly every single day, and 30% of those responding to a poll said that the number one improvement airlines could make was comfortable seating. This can help your company get there!

When and where is it used?
This process is used in several industries! For example, an airline may use it for more comfortable seating, as mentioned before. Industrial sewing services can be paired with this process for increased seatbelt safety, too — a polyester belt can stretch by 7% of more under heavy loading. Basically, this process can be used anywhere that needs a specific product, made from fabric, and they need it done efficiently.

How is it beneficial?
These services, among other benefits, will save your company money! They make the production process so much more efficient, which cuts your costs across the board. In addition, they can help make both production and the end product safer, which is an advantage across the board as well!

Are you going to be investing in any of these services, or are you just glad to know more about them?

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