Light Assembly

Fairway Products offers Light Assembly services that compliments our core competencies of Cut & Sews. Fairway Products will cut any textile material and assemble the material on your required structure, from plastic frames to foam and more. Fairway Products also offers packaged products by putting products into bags or boxes for retail sale.

  • Faster Cut Times, Faster Turnaround
  • Increased Capacity
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Wide Variety of Material Thickness
  • Assembly to Required Structure
  • Packaged Products as Requested

Our tool department is very creative at designing and building work aids, fixtures, fastener attachment systems, Dymetrol® suspension installation equipment and modifying or adapting “stock” equipment to fit our customer’s special needs. Our lab can also test seam strength, tensile, tear, weight of the fabrics and color match with a MacBeth Light system.

  • Hook setting and crimping press
  • Air driven cutters and hole punch systems for extruded retainers, composites, heavy fabrics and webbing
  • Upholstery aids and stapling fixtures
  • Retainer and extrusion sew guides
  • Automated sew/tack clamp systems and seam guides
  • Slitter edge guide and brake systems
  • Compensating roll stands for presses and slitters
  • Buckle, snap, grommet and strap attachment systems
  • Vacuum operated knock-out removal systems used on our die presses
  • Pneumatic powdered filling stations
  • Heat Staking of molded parts

Your development challenges and production problems make the best opportunities for us to prove our solution expertise!

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