Industrial Textile Cutting & Contract Sewing Materials


Fairway uses only materials of the finest quality. Materials such as Vinyls, Felts, Wool, Leather, etc… are used only after they are determined to be of the highest quality.  Not only do our customers want top quality products, the materials we use need to perform well when services such as,  non-apparel Industrial / Commercial Sewing Services. The machines we use are both heavy-duty single and multi-needle machines as used to produce their products. We work with materials that range from light weight to heavy-weight durability. 

various materials and textiles

All of the following materials we work with can be cut and sewn:


Often used in the automotive industry when making items such as car seats and dashboards.


Non-Wovens can be used in many different industries including the Filtration industry to make items like vacuum bags, allergen membranes, etc.


Used to make coverings from throw-pillows and couches to car seats, and automotive head-liners. 


Nylon offers a wide range of breathability and flexibility versatile for many applications such as backings, substrates, veiling fabrics, etc.


Our solid knits might be used in your car seats, orthopedic devices, office furniture, running shoes, etc.


Versatile in application, felt is a non-woven textile frequently used as a damper or cushion for vibrating or moving parts.


Screen material is commonly used for its lightweight and filtering properties. It can be used to make fences, cage meshes or as a shield.


Known to absorb odor and noise, wool is commonly used for blankets, carpeting, insulation and upholstery.


The comfortability and durability qualities of leather lend itself to be used in furniture and automotive seating.


Carpet comes in a variety of types, patterns, and colors. Its main use is to provide a non-slip padding to walk on that dampens noise.


This heavy tight-woven fabric is commonly used in products such as sneakers, canvases, tents and sandbags.

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