Industrial Seaming & Sealing Services


Fairway Products offers Seaming & Sealing services for all synthetic materials. We use processes known as Sonic Welding and Fabric Welding. These allow us to produce your product without a needle and thread, meaning no holes through the seam which is good for more critical services. Sonic Welding and Fabric Welding both will fuse materials together based on heat.

The seams using these processes are just as strong as sewn seams. The sonic welder generates the heat required through vibration. This heat will cause the fibers of the fabric to melt, allowing them to attach to each other. The fabric welder generates the heat required with a heated element. The fabric is passed by the element, which starts the melting/softening. The fabric is then passed through a set of rollers that presses the layers together.

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Our Seaming & Sealing Capabilities

Sonic Welding • Fabric Welding • No Holes Through Seams • Long-Lasting Seam, Just as Strong as Sewn Seams • Critical Applications • Abrasion Resistance • Smooth Finishing


Our Materials

Nylon • Vinyl • Polyester • Polypropylene • Rayon • Thermoplastic Rubber • Plastic • Adhesives • Grommets

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In fact, we’re so committed to our customer’s needs that if we don’t have the equipment or the material to complete your product, we will modify, build or locate what is needed. We pride ourselves on building efficient work aids, sew fixtures, and guide systems to allow repeatable processes in sewing and assembly.

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