GERBERcutter GTxL Industrial Textile Cutter

GERBERcutter GTxL Industrial Textile Cutter

Fairway Products uses the GERBERcutter GTxL Industrial Textile Cutting Machine to meet the demand for low to medium ply cutting applications. The machine allows Fairway Products to cut material for small-lot order, at low and medium ply heights up to 1 inch.  The system is especially suited for ladies fashion, suits, sportswear, and industrial products, such as furniture and transportation interiors.  With this machine, Fairway Products can essure accurate and reliable cutting with fast cutting turnaround time for you the customer, meaning Fairway Products can meet strict deadlines and avoiding penalties for late delivery for your cutting needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Employs a powerful vacuum system to hold material firmly in place during the cutting process delivering cut parts that are symmetrical ply to ply.
  • A drag knife assembly for single ply cutting of intricate patterns and shapes.
  • Automatic SMARTbite™ calculator analyzes each marker to determine the maximum number of pieces to be cut with a minimum number of material advances to maximize cutter throughput.
  • Long vertical knife strokes and automatic knife re-sharpening eliminate hanging threads ensuring quality cut parts from top to bottom ply.
  • Easily adjust cut speed and knife speed according to the type of material being cut to maximize throughput and eliminate fusing of certain materials.
  • Lateral travel kit enables cutter to move between multiple spreading tables
  • Variable vacuum level control adjustment
  • Long vertical knife stroke cuts cleanly from top ply to bottom ply
  • Automatic knife re-sharpening maintains cutting efficiency.
  • 2.5cm (1.00 in.) maximum compressed fabric height
  • 68 in. cut width
  • 10.2rn/min. (400 in/min.) average throughput (faster turnaround)
  • 46m/min. (1800 in/min.) maximum cutting speed
  • 3.7m/s2 (3/8 g) maximum head acceleration
  • Automated Cutting
  • Small-lot orders
  • Low-Medium ply
  • Fabric Drill – up to 9.5 mm (3/8 in) diameter

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