Industrial Textile Cutting Services

Fairway Products uses high class machinery to fulfill cutting and CNC cutting needs. Fairway Products uses their Gerber® Cutting System and Pathfinder M-Series Industrial Textile Cutting Machine to ensure their customers are getting the most value for their needs. They’re equipment allows materials to be processed without tooling by loading CAD data, digitizing templates or patterns for cutting up to 90″ wide. Fairway Products can essure accurate and reliable cutting with fast cutting turnaround time for you the customer, meaning Fairway Products can meet strict deadlines and avoiding penalties for late delivery for your cutting needs.

  • Increase Capacity
  • Wider roll up to 90″ to Maximize Efficiency (Competing cutters only cut up to 72″)
  • Pattern Matching
  • Multi Pattern Cutting
  • Low to High Ply – Up to 15 Layers (Other Cutters max at 5)
  • Faster Cut Times, Faster Turnaround
  • Maintaining Accuracy – Tighter Cuts +/- 3mm
  • Dynamic Vacuum Monitoring & Regulation

This system compliments our already extensive industrial textile die cutting capabilities, by allowing us to develop patterns, prove out sizes and fit/function, and then tool up for high volume production, as the program warrants it.

  • Cloth, Foam, Vinyl, Light Gauge Plastics
  • Fabrics, Mesh, Nonwovens, Light Screen
  • Knits, Felts, Laminates, Spacer Fabric

Additional fabric and material cutting can be processed using our…

  • Narrow fabric (web, tape, elastic) hot and cold cutters – up to 18” wide
  • Hot knife cutting
  • Sonic cutting
  • RF cutting

Our facility also has “traditional” lay-up and cut tables with knife cutters used by skilled operators available for prototype, development and small volume projects.


Our systems digitize the template, pattern or CAD data and will nest the part for the most efficient layout and material usage for our industrial fabric die cutting. Materials can be up to 90” wide in roll or sheet form.

We can process high volume cutting of multiple ply fabrics, foam, laminates, films, vinyl, paper, light gauge metal screen, plastic sheet stock, knits, spacer fabric, batting, filter media, engineered mesh, scrims, felts and light chipboard.

We have CNC presses, Roll Feed Belt Presses, Clicker Presses and Heat Cutting available, and we strive to match the correct process with the customer’s needs with the material required for the project. Tooling can be designed and built in a timely manner to fulfill our customer’s needs using CAD data, mylars, patterns, templates or blueprints.

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We work with high-quality materials including vinyl, non-woven, upholstery fabrics, and nylon. We can cut and sew virtually any material from knit, felts, and screens to wool, leather, carpet, and cotton duck. Contact us today to find the perfect material for your needs.

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