Different Types of Feed Mechanism in Sewing Machine

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In order to get the good appearance and performance of the seam, produced by sewing, need to produce correct and well balanced length of stitches. In addition to this, need to ensure so that the fabric along the sewing line remains flat that means no gathering is created. But sometimes gathering in fabrics along the sewing line is formed intentionally, which is done as per the requirement or for the interest of the designs. These required matters are maintained during the production of seam by sewing with the feed mechanism of sewing machine. The feed mechanism controls the feeding speed of the fabrics during sewing. Besides feed mechanism, the speed of the fabric can also be controlled by adjusting some more mechanisms or spare parts with the machine, which have been discussed later on. For the purpose of controlling the feeding speed of fabrics in sewing machines, mainly six types of feed mechanism in sewing machine are used which are discussed here with images.

  1. Drop feed system:

It is the simplest and most used feed mechanism. The feed mechanism in sewing machine is consist of three parts, they are: a) pressure foot, b) throat plat, and c) feed dog. The throat plate is made of stainless steel and its surface is very smooth. For the reason of smooth surface, fabrics can easily be feed on it. Sometimes throat plate is also called the needle plate. In throat plate, there are one or more than one slots in which feed dog can move forward or backward. There is also a hole through which the needle can move upward or downward. The size of the needle hole should not go beyond more than 30% of the needle size. If the size of the needle hole is more than 30% of the size of the needle, then during penetrating of the fabric by needle, some portion of fabric will also enter into the needle hole, which is called the flagging. Problem can arise in the formation of correct stitch due to the flagging. The drop feed mechanism has been shown in figure-1.

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