Category: Case Studies

  • Transportation Seating

    Transportation Seating

    Transportation Seating Product Development When a multi-national transportation business, Isringhausen, came to Fairway Products, they were looking for a manufacturer that could assist them with developing their material needs. When they approached Fairway Products with an idea for a semi-truck seat cover, Faiwray was able to reverse engineer it and transform it into a product […]

  • Spa Products

    Spa Products

    Spa Products Cut + Sew + Value-Added Services One company we provide with our expertise is a comprehensive luxury organic-based spa. When they approached us, they were looking for a cut and sew service for high-end neck pillow and lumbar pillows. However, upon discovery, we also learned that these pillows were going to be filled […]

  • Seedsheets


    Seedsheets Cutting Summary When Seedsheets, a company that produces non-woven material embedded with seed pods, came to Fairway Products, they were struggling to keep up with demand and they needed to find an effective and efficient way to cut their materials. Using our sophisticated, high-efficiency cutting technology we are able to cut the materials quickly and with […]

  • Recreational Vehicles

    Recreational Vehicles

    Recreational Vehicles Die Cut + Value-Added Services A company that creates solutions for mobile living is also part of our team. When they approached us, they came to us initially looking for a die-cut service to cut screens for the ceiling vent on RV’s. When we asked them what they do with the screens, they […]

  • Production Partnership

    Production Partnership

    Production Partnership Cutting One other company we work with employs homeless people to create coats that transform into sleeping bags to give back to the homeless community. When the CEO approached us, they already had the material and design determined, but they were struggling to find an efficient way to cut their materials. At the […]

  • Product Development Partnership

    Product Development Partnership

    Product Development Partnership Sewing + Product Development Many years ago, a company approached us needing help developing a hand strap that attached to a tablet, allowing for hands-free operation. They knew what type of product they wanted, but they needed help determining the logistics. We worked with them to determine the materials, size, and assembly […]

  • Office Furniture

    Office Furniture

    Office Furniture Sew + Value Added Services When Steelcase came to Fairway Products, they had a history of designing their own products and determining their own textile material needs, but were in need of a partner that could sew their materials into assembly-line-ready pieces. For over 20+ years, Fairway has been the go-to trusted solutions provider […]

  • Airport Windsocks

    Airport Windsocks

    Airport Windsocks Seam and Seal When an airport windsock company approached us, they were struggling to keep a sewing staff. The products they were making at the time required the material to be sewn together with needle and thread, and it was proving to be an unsustainable method. We came up with the technology to […]