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3 Killer Benefits of Industrial Sewing

industrial sewing servicesIndustrial sewing services are becoming more and more popular among numerous industries around the world. There are a ton of reasons for this popularity, but the top three are the customization possibilities, safety offers, and durability. These have benefits not only for the company investing in industrial sewing services, but also for the consumers they serve. Read on for more information on how custom industrial sewing can help you!

Industrial sewing machines, while they are wonderful, are not very versatile. However, this is a good thing, believe it or not. These machines are made to complete a few very specific tasks incredibly well rather than completing many tasks in a mediocre fashion. Furthermore, different industrial sewing techniques give even further customization opportunities. For example, you can choose to make more comfortable airline seats with a certain technique, which a TripAdvisor survey reported was the most important feature to airline consumers.

This benefit is for both the company and the consumers. First of all, this type of machinery is designed with safety features to minimize the risks faced by the person operating it. For consumers, though, benefits go even further. Studies show that vehicle seat belts stretch by about 7% after severe loading, making them ineffective. In addition, twisting the belt just once reduces its strength by 6%, while twice reduces it by 11%, thrice reduces it by 20%, and by six twists, the strength has been reduced by 40%. Industrial sewing makes products stronger and safer for consumers to use, giving them peace of mind.

Industrial machines are durable and capable of sewing several hundred or even thousands of products per day. Since most facilities run at full power every single day, this is not just a benefit — it’s a necessity.

Do you think you’ll be investing in contract sewing anytime soon? What effect do you think it will have on your business?

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