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Fairway Products is your highly-skilled, modern industrial cut, sew, and seam service that empowers businesses like yours to have high-quality products that you can trust to show up on time. Our contract industrial sewing services can help you develop your visions into a prototype and guide your start-up into production. We are proficient to do anything from small run to mass production contract industrial cutting and sewing.

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 The Struggle with Manufacturing Textiles

Stop wasting your time, money, and energy on difficult cut and sew problems.

You’ve been burdened by elusive textile manufacturers who lack the expertise, infrastructure, and support you need. From orders showing up at the wrong locations or not at all, to damaged goods from incorrect storage or other mistreatments, you feel like you’re always worried about your products showing up correctly, safely, and on time.

Do you produce in-house? Then you also have to battle a lack of design resources, poor quality control, and little-to-no process engineering.

At Fairway Products, we fight back against the poor-quality products, broken networks, and inadequate customer service that many businesses like yours experience with manufacturers.

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Learn more about soft goods supply chain best practices with this whitepaper explaining six essentials of soft goods manufacturing.

You Need a Partner You can Trust

Better engineering. Better processing. Better products.

Our team understands that you need a partner that you rely on to design, engineer, and process the materials you need to complete your products and satisfy your customers. It’s unacceptable when your raw materials are shipped to the wrong location, don’t show up at all, or you receive the wrong order.

You deserve to feel the relief that comes with the confidence that your product will show up according to specs, and on time. We also understand you have orders to fill and deadlines to meet, so you need to partner with a manufacturer that you can depend on to get your products to you fast.

You have a product, but you need it to be made better, faster, and more affordable— Fairway has the highly-skilled team to make it happen. We don’t just create more advanced products for you, we also have the unique skills and technology to manufacture valuable services that make your product even better, and worth more money.

Our success is proven; we’ll help you navigate your problems with what we’ve learned over the years.

We know that inventory can be an especially tricky issue. If you need help with it, we’re here. Call for FREE inventory and logistics support; click the button below to learn more.


From product design to your assembly line, we’re your one-stop-shop for textile solutions.

Finally, partner with a team staffed with expert technicians and engineers your business can rely on to design, engineer, and manufacture world-class textile solutions. We are a cutting, sewing, and seaming service unlike any other. We have the capacity to meet your needs with rapid shipping and delivery. Along with our industrial sewing services, we provide product development and engineering skills to work with woven fabrics, non-woven, vinyl, leather, foam, laminates, molded plastic, and even wood fiber components.

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When you choose Fairway for your textile solutions, you choose a partner that can empower you to transform your vision into a reality. You can count on us to support you every step of the way. You’ll have access to some of the greatest minds in industrial textile engineering and manufacturing who will take action and accountability to ensure that your product is exactly what you imagined.

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“Fairway not only created the screens we needed for our RV’s, but they were able to install the screens in their frame for an installation-ready product. They even stored the extra material for us! Now all we have to do is put the screens in place. And to think we were trying to do all of this in-house!” – Frank Stuart